How does a canada goose down jacket keep you warm?

canada goose black friday Once did an experiment, because we factory down jacket and cotton clothing are doing if you do not see the material while two pieces of clothes can almost make out exactly the same. But!

canada goose clearance Because good feather expansion coefficient can reach 900, and the General expansion coefficient of the 550 cotton clothing, handoff after also will slowly up the expansion, it took about 11 seconds before the reply to the status quo, and the coefficient 800 down expansion of the time only need 6 seconds on the restoration of the bulkiness, the coefficient 900 down jacket as long as the blink of an eye, in 3 seconds! Down like has not been pressed through the same.

canada goose coat The expansion coefficient of the 900 down jacket, wear thermal effect will be immediate, with our body temperature by doing a simple test:

canada goose coat mens Put on the down jacket was formerly on about 27 degrees. If you have to wear down jacket, as long as 3 minutes can be clearly seen the temperature has a great variation!

Coefficient 900 down jacket, let the surface temperature quickly exceeds 30 degrees.

550 cotton clothing then just let the temperature rise to two degrees.

canada goose coat sale In fact, man-made fibers of cotton clothing are also very good, at least in the South, winter wear is also very warm, but if you want to go to the cold North or go to the ice and snow travel, you will understand 900 coefficient of down jackets warm effect.

canada goose factory sale As you say why science is so developed have not made more t of man-made fibers, I can so to talk to you to explain.

If your child is in the choice of breast milk and formula between which would you choose?

canada goose freestyle vest Why now the technology so developed will not be developed to be more than breastfed milk?

Because some things Ah, he is irreplaceable, milk powder then T is also artificial ingredients added, and the milk is different, comprises at least a mother for a considerable part of the immune resistance in the inside.

canada goose jacket clearance Similarly, down is also a truth, you when people large geese and large ducks in this lifetime on the white mix? Is through the storms of OK?

Currently, some of the tops of man-made fibers can do 550-600 Punta feather warm degree, such as Primaloft Gold series, formerly called the One series, the 90’s for the US military to develop the warm filling cotton.

canada goose jacket mens Alas···do not black us Materials.···We materials Good Poor good?····
Theory insulation effect, muffle furnace lined with? Furnace 1000 degrees, the outside of the furnace at room temperature. The Lining Material is good, right? Do you wear what you wear to what you wear? Don’t you smack the sink? don’t you think sink? don’t you think sink?
Oh Oh, I quibble. That spacesuit insulation effect how? Clothes chamber temperature, the clothes outside the universe space what minus? Can you afford it afford it afford it?
canada goose jacket mens sale Not material the insulation effect is more than down jacket. More. Can you want to light Ah, you want to easy availability of Ah, you to be cheap Ah, you want soft, comfortable Ah, it’s a selection problem.
Don’t ask is not to ask why they are playing the rogue. Really.
Alas··I also tucao, really bad. Anonymous, please fold. Sorry.

canada goose jacket womens If you have to go fiber, PrimaLoft probably have the 650fp level. Fibers of materials other than down warm more to go on! Lightweight soft also be more than down, such as aerogels.
The technological level allows it, wear a still air outerwear(thank DerCampus correction is the warmest.

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But technology does not allow.
So, what material can be stored Air Max, what material is the warmest.
Anything material save the air the most?

canada goose jackets on sale The human body is a heated body, is itself a heat source that constantly generates heat. This heat needs to be released, if the heat release is less or slower, the body will feel hot, like summer; if the heat is released more or less quickly, the body will feel cold, like winter.
When the body feels cold when you consciously add the clothes. Add clothes is not human instinct, but a life experience. Why add clothes to keep warm? The so-called warm, in fact, is to prevent heat loss.
canada goose mens Heat loss there are three main forms: conduction, convection, thermal radiation(thermal radiation refers to each of the heat generating body to the surrounding radiation of electromagnetic waves, such as heat propagation in the form mainly reflected in the microscopic field, this does not repeat.* 20 century 80’s, the United States as the astronauts developed a new material space cotton, that is via the fiber to add a sheet of aluminum foil, resulting in the human body radiated heat is the aluminum foil sheet is reflected back to the human, while the human cells to accelerate the movement, to complete the insulation.
canada goose mens bomber If wearing tin-made clothes, still will feel cold, because metal is a good heat conductor, the heat conduction rate is very high. Commonly used clothing material, the thermal conductivity are low, which to feather the thermal conductivity is lowest 5.930, the wool of thermal conductivity than the down 15% higher around 6.986, the cotton thermal conductivity than the down high of 39% for about 9.717 it.
canada goose mens jacket In addition, there is an indicator can measure a fiber heat conduction effect, is the thermal insulation rate. The higher the value the higher the insulation effect, the better. Down the rate of thermal insulation in the common fiber, up 81.3 percent, the wool of the rate of thermal insulation than down low 6. 5%around 74.81 percent, of cotton the rate of thermal insulation than down low 18%to about 63 percent.
The thermal conductivity and rate of thermal insulation a combination of both can be derived“in thickness under the same premise, down to the warm effect is the best”conclusion.
canada goose mens sale However, although numerically dominant, if the wool or cotton, etc. the thickness of the material increases, its thermal effect can go beyond the down. This is consistent with the human experience of life: clothes to wear thicker warm.
canada goose outlet Humans and other life experiences: the clothes wear much thicker and seem clumsy. Moreover, warm effect good the fiber, are still unable to achieve 0 heat transfer rate, 100%insulation rates. Can do such“absolute warmth” of the material, only Air. Such as a home Windows user on a regular installation of“double glazing”, the two layers of glass between the entrained layer of air. Equipped with the double glazing of the room, usually will feel warmer.
That being the case, that we are naked, standing in the air, should not feel cold?
canada goose outlet chicago Because the heat dissipation of the second form is the“heat convection” is. When close to your body that layer of air absorbs the body heat, the density will become lighter, according to the nature of the principle, the light density of the air will automatically raise the air out of the place will automatically be next to the cold air Supplement. Therefore the body side of the air is always cold, so will feel the cold.
canada goose outlet nyc As long as the earth gravity environment, in an open space, air convection cannot be avoided. If it is in a weightless environment, the air convection is stopped, then even if the air temperature is 0 degrees, the human naked will not feel cold, because close to the body of that layer of air is hot. The equivalent of a layer of hot air attached to the physical body. But the premise is that people can not move, because this layer of hot air just stay in that place, and not a human body move together.
canada goose outlet sale So how in the earth gravity environment wearing an“air dress”? Wear a layer of insulating glass is clearly not a reality, then wear a layer of plastic film, inside filled with air, this layer of air is stationary, the seal, regardless of the body how to move, will move with it. The image of that is like a sleeve in a balloon, revealing only the nose breathing. First, all of a sudden turned into a cartoon character does not say, the body, in addition, to dissipate heat outside, it will also emit moisture, in a closed environment under the moisture cannot be discharged, the body will feel very ill. After all, skin also needs air exchange.
canada goose outlet store In fact, said to here, in fact, be the first to propose a conclusion: the fiber itself is not warm, just the fiber entrained in the insulation of the air, only reflects the insulation effect. The fibers entrained in the air how much, directly affects the fibers of the insulation effect.
Why, then, are the same fiber, the same thickness of down insulation works best?
canada goose parka mens This may be the first from down the molecular structure to the analysis:
1. Macromolecules in the formation of the feather fibers were crimped shape, and thus form a large cavity. This leads down each of the pile filaments are hollow, filled with air, and the air is the best insulation material.
2. In each flower velvet flower, contains dozens of the root structure of the same pile yarn, each pile wire between the existence of some repulsive force, so that each pile wire between the pitch kept to a maximum, theoretically can exist in more air.
3. Each of the pile wire, as long there are many second pile wire when the number of downmixed together, the second pile filaments mutually entangled, overlapping, and prevents the formation of an air-free flow of the multiple barriers, and increase the air convection difficulty.
The feather fibers radially, so far than linearly wool, cotton and other fibers storage of air, so the insulation effect is the best.
canada goose parka sale Of course, before referred to, wool, cotton and other fibers, if you increase their thickness, its insulation effect can go beyond the down. But will feel bloated.
canada goose parka womens Thus, if the outdoor temperature is LOW, the humans want to dress in a manner to maintain the same surface temperature, then, whether feather, wool or cotton, can meet the requirements.
But to wear down clothing, and its thickness is far less than wearing wool and cotton clothing.
canada goose sale On the various fibers of the fluffy degrees, after the test, the fiber volume of a certain case, which contains air after the aggregate the greater the volume, the proof of effective control of air the greater the volume, the warmth, the stronger; its mass is smaller, then the proof of its greater light. The experimental results show that in the fiber volume are 1 cubic centimeter, the down fiber of the geometry volume the largest 382.56 CC, wool fibers 101.24 CC’s more than three times, the cotton fibers 76.92 of five times more. At the same time, down the fiber mass is minimal 1.14 g of wool fibers 1.32 g mass of about 86% for cotton fiber(1.54)74 per cent.
Proof down and feather fiber can effectively control the air volume to the maximum, while the lightest.
canada goose sale mens From the dimension of the angle, you can also see what happens.
According to canada goose sale womens theory, geometry the dimension is 1, 2 or 3, is an integer value. But the nature of the fibers after long-term evolution, not all integer values. Through computer simulations, the down fibers of dimensions of 1. 66 or so.
canada goose store We know that a one-dimensional geometry, only the length of the concept, the two bits of geometry with the surface area concepts. In plain words to explain, can be so understood: between the one-dimensional and two-dimensional between the geometry, as long as the dimension is not two-dimensional, both in value from too far, can be understood to have very little Witte, that is the surface area; however, the dimension value closer to two, it indicates that with the greater of the one-dimensional characteristics, i.e., length. So down the fiber dimension is 1. 66 can be understood as: having a relatively small Surface area but has a larger length. Can be used to compare the wool and cotton fibers of dimension values, close to 1. To 0. That proved down the fibers in the same surface area have a longer length.
canada goose vest camo Feather fiber dimension of between one-dimensional and two-dimensional, since a flower, feather, velvet Silk radially space distribution, and therefore a flower down the dimensions between two-dimensional and three-dimensional can be understood to have a relatively small volume, but has a fairly large surface area. By contrast, wool and cotton fibers do not have the radial spatial distribution. Therefore, the velvet flowers can be locked, Air Max.

canada goose vest mens sale The same is the down jacket, thermal insulation effect is also different, mainly reflected in three aspects: charge down the amount, velvet child content, bulkiness.
First look at the charge down the amount:
1. The same volume of space, the charge down the amount, the more down thicker.
2. When the charge down the amount reaches a certain mass, down the thickness of the upward trend slowed.
3. There is a value, when the charge down the amount reaches this value, down the thickness of the highest point of the saturated one.
4. Cashmere content is higher, the saturation value is lower.
Thickness reached the highest point, it means that the feather contains air reaches the most.
canada goose vest sale When the charge down the amount reaches saturation, the rate of thermal insulation highest thermal conductivity lowest. If you continue to add the feather, the feather products of thermal insulation rate will be decreased slightly.
Secondly look at the pile of sub-content:
1. Charge down the amount in certain circumstances, the cashmere content the higher the insulation the higher the rate, the heat transfer coefficient to a minimum.
2. Charge down the amount in certain circumstances, the cashmere sub-content reaches a certain value, the heart rate and the heat transfer coefficient tends to be stable.
3. In the charge down the amount close to the saturation case, the cashmere content of the down products, the insulation effect is relatively small.
Finally watching the fluffy degrees:
1. Charge down the amount of a certain case, the fluffy degree higher, a feather is the insulation effect, the better.
2. Cashmere content how much direct impact on the bulkiness.
3. The test proved that duck down cashmere content is higher, the cashmere content of each increased one percentage point, the bulkiness of the increase of about 2. 8 in.
4. The bulkiness also with velvet flower size, cashmere flower larger, the fluffy degree higher.
canada goose vest womens Velvet flower depends on the size of the ducks to the growth of the number of days. The growth the shorter the time of duck, velvet flowers the size of the smaller, fleece-flower production in the smaller but food value large; on the contrary, the growth cycle, the longer the duck, velvet flower size is large, velvet flower production is greater. But eating out more. In General, the growth cycle is the longer duck, duck age of adulthood, will be at the annual spring swap pile, has been completely Mature velvet flower naturally fall off, then the fleece flower The maximum maturity is the highest, but the labor cost is relatively high.
canada goose womens sale After all duck down is a by-product, duck meat is the main product. Duck farmers in feeding the ducks, the first will certainly be to the product of the value of the subject.

cheap canada goose womens Before there discussed, the air of this medium, its thermal conductivity is the lowest, the warmest. By contrast, the same as the nature of the most basic elements of water or water vapor of this medium compared to the air below, the thermal conductivity to be higher a number of times. Meanwhile, when the water vapor is completely immersed down, wool or cotton fibers, causing the fibers to collapse, the complete destruction of the fiber itself is the thermal performance. However, human skin also needs to breathe, inevitably with the nature of gas exchange, when the weather is Hot, the body of water also evaporates from the pores out. So, when covered with a quilt, wouldn’t it be because of the sweating caused by the fibers wetted and thus can not warm? Take a step back speaking, even regardless of the thermal problem, the cover of a bed wave of the quilt, but also uncomfortable. Then use the plastic cloth to prevent water vapor immersed in fiber, the same is not realistic.
fake canada goose websites Pores breathing, sweating is a natural common sense, the human cannot change. But filling in the quilt of the fiber, whether as little as possible so the water vapor is immersed in warm, whether in the absorbent at the same time, quickly put the water discharged to keep dry, is a measure of a quilt good or bad key.
Feather fiber surface membrane containing a large number of alcohols and lipids, both of which have strong hydrophobic, and therefore in the feather fibers formed on the surface of a layer of solid water-repellent film. In addition, from a microscopic level point of view, the down fibers of the outer skin cell membranes to the inner side, is made up of hundreds of root fibrils tightly ordered arrangement and formation of the cortical structure, the crystalline region is larger, to a certain extent, also prevents the moisture to the interior of the fibers impregnated with the phenomenon.
While the wool fibers of the surface layer is a layer of relatively coarse flake layer, scale the layer itself increases the moisture and the fiber surface area in contact, and the scaly layer of the outer skin is the high sulfur content of the cell membrane composition, belonging to the amorphous region, the texture is relatively loose, so that the moisture more easily into the interior of the fiber, the fiber wettability is improved.
list of fake canada goose sites The cotton fiber surface with a layer of a hydrophobic wax, the wettability of less than wool, between wool and down.
But, say, the down fibers are completely water repellent, it is not real, that feather is not just into the plastic?
In fact, water vapor or by immersing the feather fibers, but wool and cotton are not the same. Water vapor is the down fiber of a large number of voids included. These voids, not in the case of water containing air, water is water.) In humidity is relatively small, since the feather fiber surface water repellency of the cell membrane the presence of water vapor just attached to the cell membrane, and cannot be immersed in the feather fibers.

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Here to introduce a concept, called“regain”, and is subdivided into a“moisture regain” and“put the wet resurgence rate.” Regain”a word due to the wording of the reason is easy to produce ambiguity. We are here to tentatively be the vernacular to explain: the water absorption speed, distributing water speed. Our elementary school when there is a class of classic Application Questions about Is there a pool of water, per minute injection water X tons per minute the discharge water Y tons of clouds when the injection velocity of the water and discharge the water at the same speed as when the pool will not have water. When the suction of the fast and the discharge is slow, the pool will have water to exist. No matter what the fiber, the moisture absorption speed is always better than to put wet fast, to produce the desorption hysteresis the difference. This also leads to fiber experiencing the water vapor after will have a certain amount of moisture, different fiber, just the memory of water how much there are differences. The smaller the difference, the proof of absorption put wet speed about close. The feather fibers absorb moisture after the difference between the value of 0. 49%, and wool 2% cotton for 0. 9 percent.

why is canada goose so expensive This, thereby proves that, down products the moisture wicking capability, warmth retention dry capacity, is better than wool products and cotton products.