Steve Bacic as Telemachus Rhade, plus Dan Payne, 
Mark Dacascos and Kyle Schmid

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They are mainly fansites for actors and TV series that I have created.

Steve SteveBacic.Com
Steve Bacic Official site AND Fansite
Steve Bacic is a Canadian actor, and probably best known for playing Rhade on the scifi series Gene Roddenbery's Andromeda. In 2007, he was a guest star on both E.R. and CSI: Miami.
A fansite for Mark Dacascos,
Mark Dacascos is a Hawaiian-born actor and martial artist - currently starring as the Chairman in Iron Chef America. He also starred in the TV series "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" and in numerous movies.
Oh yes - he was also on Dancing With the Stars :-)
Fansite for the vampire TV series Blood Ties. With Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson, female PI, Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy, vampire and bastard son of Henry the VIII and Dylan Neal as Mike Celluci, police detective.
Fansite for Blood Ties star Kyle Schmid - he starred as Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties. GuardFans.Com
Fansite for “The Guard”
“The Guard” is a 22 episode series about four members of a Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue team - both on duty and off. Premiered January 22 2008 on Global TV in Canada.
A fansite for Dylan Neal,
Dylan Neal starred in the great vampire TV series “Blood Ties”
Fansite for Canadian actor Dan Payne, star of the great movie Mulligans - and also known to scare people as supersoldiers and wraiths. Dan Laustsen
Fansite for Dan Laustsen - the award-winning Danish cinematographer.
The poster is from his movie Vikaren (The Temp)
Dan filmed Mark Dacascos in Brotherhood of the Wolf. Byron Mann
Fansite for Byron Mann - who co-starred with Mark Dacascos in Crying Freeman. RussellWongFan.Com
Fansite for American actor Russell Wong.
Russell was the star of the 1994 series "Vanishing Son" - and he's famous for the watermelon eating scene in "The Joy Luck Club" - and for being cool baddie Kai in "Romeo Must Die". He played the ill-fated lover in Mummy 3. Tony Crane
A fansite - Tony played the lead in the Big Easy TV series.
a fansite. Christopher also likes scaring people playing Todd the wraith, and Druitt the serial killer. And Marcus the vampire of the Volturi clan in New Moon. And Swede in 'Hell on Wheels' The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
a fansite for the MUCH too short series.
a fansite for another even shorter series The Big Easy tv series
A fansite for the tongue-in-cheek police series from 1996, set in New Orleans of course. Starring none other than Tony Crane. At least this series got two seasons. ADD
a small image archive of handsome men. Peter DeLuise Fan Site
A fansite for actor and director Peter DeLuise. He starred in 21 Jump Street and SeaQuest - these days he keeps busy directing - The Guard for instance - plus numerous Stargate SG-1 and SGA and SGU episodes.
a fan site for another Canadian. He was in The Guard and Final Storm.

Final Storm The Final Storm
A fansite for the movie Final Storm - directed by Uwe Boll and starring Steve Bacic, Luke Perry, Lauren Holly and Cole Heppell.

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